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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 15, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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questions are being raised. >> on the bay bridge the driver of a truck went off the bridge into the bay. there is more. linda so has more on what the family of john short plans to do. >> the family is suing the state, they say it could have prevented the crash that killed the truck driver from the eastern shore. the family said he survived the initial impact but he drowned before he could get out of the cab. a teen driver who was drinking caused the crash. now family members say the state has to bear some of the responsibility. holding the barrier on to the deck should have been strengthened. and two-way traffic which was in effect is unsafe and should be stopped. that exists in about 12% of the
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usage of the bridge it accounts for 70% of the fatalities. >> reporter: now the lawsuit names candy baldwin. he swerved his tractor-trailer to miss her car. she told police she fell asleep at the wheel. the family said she had been drinking and points to photos that they believe show she had a drinking problem. in the studio, lin ta so. charges are pending against a man who opened fire on a couple and that shooting has the city's cops angry. gunfire broke out in south baltimore. a gunman shot a couple and took off. the man was hit. this type of violence is
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giving the commissioner a tough time. >> people are in the getting shot with lightning bolts. they have guns in their houses, they load their magazines, they play with their guns. people know it. >> the couple are all expected to survive. police say the gunman will be charged. we'll stay in south baltimore where investigators are trying to figure out what caused a boat fire at the middle branch ma rise na. when they got to the scene, a boat was fully involved, flames spread to a second vessel. it sustained heavy damage. >> the result received help from the coast guard to help with containing the incident. >> no injuries here. carbon monoxide poisoning is the center of controversy in baltimore county it is on the
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heels of a vote for a council. now the vote is aiming at ep coulding renters safe from co. we have more. >> reporter: the latest leak was at the commons at white marsh yesterday and now the county has proposed a bill that requires all aren'tal complex units to install the detectors. now, this is after there have been several problems in baltimore county but most have come from a complex where three people died from exposure to the gas in 2005. and 14 people were send sent to the hospital this hone. the commons are on the by sawyer reality. a spokesperson said crews responded saturday and the detector and furnace were replaced but that is not making people happy. >> it would be bet fer they
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investigate more why the problem. it is like a little patch. >> reporter: again the baltimore county council is scheduled to introduce the bill at their meeting and required companies to install the detectors. sherrie johnson. >> there is a gap between what i'm hearing and the activities of lobbyists on behalf of the institutions or associations of which they are a member on captiol hill. the president thinks that is adding to the mess he is trying to clean up. officials who met with the president will make more loans available to us. the president. president said that they and the country will rise and fall together. many banks are paying back the tarp funds but the president suspects that's because they do not want to be subject to limits imposed by the
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administration. a judge may shoot down a lawsuit filed by a city against wells fargo. they say they targeted african- american neighborhoods for bad loans. during the arguments wells fargo's attorneys said it cannot prove the actions becaused widespread urban blight. the judge said it is hard to claim it is responsible spore the deterioration of the inner city he would consider restricting the lawsuit to damages that stems from how specific properties were foreclosed upon. millions of us use plastic to make that purchase. >> it could cost you a bit of money. cold, wet weather is battering the northwest. some builds can not hold out any more. let's check in with justin. we have a relatively mild
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day. 46 degrees. this is a high on the day. we start the day at this measure we'll go up and have ourselves a decent tuesday. and a bit of fog. we're dry. let's see what is happening. mark jones. a good commute. no delays on the lines but on the buses look for the number 50 bus and bel air road that's due to construction the number 15 at eager and central a water rain break repair there and diversion at madison a water main break related. 922 bus running 15 minutes late. on light rail look for a northbound i. delay. metro on time. i'm have germany and happy holidays to my family in maryland. i love you. happy holidays.
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46 degrees and cloudy that's it. we're looking at clouds in all distributions. a system that's pushing through the area is pushing in warmer temperatures. it is keeping the rain at bay.
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traveling new york state as far as we're concerned we'll go west to winchester and the frigid temperaturess in the mountains not there. we'll get to 44, remaining cloudy and the woman. bottom fall -- and the bottom falls out. traffic is looking nice around the area and the interchange and no incidents working on the harrisburg expressway. there is a dense fog warning. i'm getting word there are reports of fog in the white
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marsh area. and cold spring lane traffic looks great. back to you. i'm very upset. >> a gunman rush as store and the help puts them on hold. a heist caught on tape. a smash and grab out of indiana. that's next. (announcer) let's say you need a little advice
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we have a consumer alert. direct your attention to the screen. this was cash, cash used to to be king. royal shoppers you love your plastic. roosevelt left wich has more on how a small purchase can cost you big time. >> reporter: odds are you have seen this a 5 or. or $10s minimum. >> my experience has non- stores. >> i run into a problem at a coffee shop. it is frustrating. >> reporter: what do you do? >> you get gum and candy things you tonight need at all just to meet the minimum. >> reporter: no one wants to buy more than they need but an advocate hears complaints. you should not feel that kind of pressure because the stores are not allowed to require a minimum purchase with the cards. >> this he cannot have a sign that says if you want to use your credit card you have to
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buy $10s worth of stuff. that's a violation of the rules. >> discover as well. american express does not prohibit it but discourages it. they say they have to pay a percentage to the bank so they pass it to the companies and advocates say that's a no, no. >> the merchants have to eat it as a cost of doing business. >> retailers can not charge you a fee for using your card but that happens. what can store does? >> it's not illegal to cover a discount. >> it is like passing on a savings to encourage their preferred payment method. don't want to pay cash or the minimum. >> stand up for yourself and tell them clearly that you think that you know it is a violation and you will complain to master card or visa. >> or take your business
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elsewhere. >> check the number on the card and call the company to file a complaint. megan. thank you. we'll look at international news. the ministry of interior said two car-bombs exploded in baghdad. you can see the video after sun size today. today. the first was in a park outside of the green zone. a second exploded within a few minutes near the iranian embassy. some amazing video to show you this morning out of the phillipines now. they moved thousands of villagers out of harm's way near the active volcano. it oozed lava. the people may have to spend weeks away from home. we have some warmer air
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trying to stream in. this is interesting they had snow it is 64 degrees yesterday. we made it up to 50. cell try to improve on that this afternoon. it is remaining above normal as we head through the middle of december. and 27 in the morning and 46 in the afternoon again we're sitting at the mark that we normally experience in the afternoon. we have an above normal day here. records are 6 in 1962, 1971 bringing the mark of 70. that's not a factor but mild. 46 up to philadelphia. matching the number. 47 out to pittsburgh and hanging at 54 in west virginia. our cloudky. our cloudy skies and new york with the northern sections getting snow and michigan getting the snow as well.
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this is the country. and 35 and detroit 19 green bay. and the cold air dives sight and east and modifies quite a bit, it will be a sense and we head to the end of the week we would clear things out and back to western maryland. and a cool down. mostly cloudy and and freezing but with the clear skies. and mostly sunny and in the upper 30s with 40s. and now to the roads. >> we're quiet and traffic is
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looking great we look here, you will see not much to let you know about no problems in the area. and on the parkway and 49 to montgomery county. the only thing is and posted at the memorial bridge. use caution. and no problem and baltimore and packer streets. back to you. listen to this. and running to the phone calling 911 then you are put on hold. >> that's what a woman says happened to her in a restaurant over the weekend. >> i'm very upset. >> and he choked her. she took her knee and kicked it
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up at him his private part. >> he didn't get her i guess he was in pain. >> that manager found humor in a terrifying situation. but the atlanta police department disputes the lag time. it says the operator answered the call within 4 seconds and a squad car arrived in two minutes. police say video that you are watching now shows a group of thieves performing a smash and grab. they back a stolen suv into place. they grab the weapons. it took place less than a minute to get there. police say a motion detector alerted them before the crooks brock inside. they're looking for the four suspects. they are all believed to be teens. much of western oregon was being ham ber. erred by freezing temperatures.
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the many pact is being felt. the building slit. slid down and the cold weather was likely to blame. a water pipe froze and the warmer weather in place and it thawed and ruptured. good morning maryland news time 5:21. it has no odor or color but it can kill you. >> protect you from it. i'm sherrie johnson. what the council members that. have to say about the bill about carbon monoxide detectors. i must have the wrong house.
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we look at the forecast we'll see a pull back on the thermostat. and a high of 54 and mostly cloudy skies. and dropping to freezing w-pbdy and 32 on thursday and the overnight lows in the 20s. and the weekend brunging us the chance of a few flurries. it will make a return today. selling movie clips. mare amount -- paramount is going to let users search flims frame by frame and buy what they want. it includes classics like ghost, brave heart and top gun that can be searched by actor,
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line of dialogue or other criteria. it is going to be for businesses only but will be open to consumers. >> and it is working hard to fill orders for a new computer. it is about two weeks behind in shipping the 27-inch computer. it went on sale and has been a best seller. there have been reports that the screens are broken or malfunctioning. the most expensive movie ever finally reaches theaters on friday. ava. it. a r cost hundreds of millions and there is a video game tie in. the fame feels like an aftermath. >> it falls prey to the gamesis ga based on movies. you had to have seen the movie and it has repetitive play that you are doing the same thing over and over so they can drop
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in many pros and characters from the movie. if you are a fan of the movie, it is something you will want to play. if you are not it is easy to skip. >> it is available for the consoles. if you cannot wait for the movie you can watch the arrival to the world premier on line. the stars will answer questions including some posted by viewers. it can been you at 9 p.m. eastern. for information on these story goes to the technology page of those are your tech bites.
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all you want to do is go to
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bed and wake up. baltimore county is trying to put a law to help the cause. you get the sense that mr. cornish wants to buy a slots parlor and now he wants the preakness. baltimore is going all out for the best new year's eve celebration. we'll tell you about it on this tuesday morning. good morning. all right let's get through the year first with a look at the weather here on this tuesday morning. >> we have cool video to show you. this is an oc. it opus collectorring shells for shelter. it is consider canned sophisticated. >> that's cool. >> sponge bob would have something like that out there. >> yes. >> that's squid ward. and


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